Chat admin required telegram что это
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Chat admin required telegram что это

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node-telegram-bot-api: CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED

Вашему боту нужны права администратора!

отозвать ссылку на приглашение в чат

Используйте этот метод, чтобы отозвать ссылку-приглашение, созданную ботом. Если основная ссылка отозвана, автоматически создается новая ссылка. Для этого бот должен быть администратором в чате и иметь соответствующие права администратора. Возвращает отозванную ссылку-приглашение в виде ChatInviteLink.

Ошибка с кодом 400: CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED

Если Вы работаете с Вашим аккаунтом и Вашей группой (пабликом), выдайте Вашему аккаунту в этой группе права администратора!

Выше предоставлено описание и возможное решение ошибки Телеграм с кодом 400 "CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED".

Вам, как пользователю программы стоит понимать, что данная ошибка может возникнуть как внезапно (например, если Ваш аккаунт уткнется в лимит Телеграм) так и прогнозируемо (например, если Вы не добавите аккаунт в Телеграм, или если Вы забыли добавить текст сообщения).

Однако, Вам стоить помнить что предложенный способ решения проблемы может не всегда быть подходящим для Вас. Но вы всегда можете найти эту ошибку в интернете. Возможно, там вы найдете более точный способ решения Вашей проблемы.

Так же, Вам нужно понимать что автор программы Telegram-Spam-Master может не знать, как решить вашу ошибку. Так что если в процессе поисков Вы найдете решение самостоятельно, было бы очень хорошо, если бы Вы поделились с ним этим решением!

400 — BadRequest#

Invalid sticker pack name. It must begin with a letter, can’t contain consecutive underscores and must end in ‘_by_<bot username>’.

A sticker pack with this name already exists

The sticker pack title is invalid

The chat doesn’t have enough participants

The other participant is using an outdated Telegram app version

The password provided is empty

The two-step verification password is invalid

The account is missing the two-step verification password

The password recovery e-mail is not available

The two-step verification password is required for this method

The two-step verification password was added recently and you are required to wait seconds

The payment provider was not recognised or its token was invalid

The method can’t be used because your account is currently limited

The peer id being used is invalid or not known yet. Make sure you meet the peer before interacting with it

The provided peer id is not supported

The pts argument is empty

The persistent timestamp is invalid

The phone code is missing

The confirmation code has expired

The phone code hash is missing

The confirmation code is invalid

You can’t sign up using this app

The phone number is banned from Telegram and cannot be used

This number has tried to login too many times

The phone number is invalid

The phone number is already in use

The phone number is not yet being used

The phone is password protected

The photo content type is invalid

The photo content URL is empty

Photo crop file missing

The photo is too small

The photo extension is invalid

Profile photo file missing

The photo id is invalid

The photo is invalid

The photo dimensions are invalid

The photo you tried to send cannot be saved by Telegram

The photo thumb URL is empty

The photo thumb URL is invalid

Too many pinned dialogs

You can’t pin messages in private chats with other people

The poll answers are invalid

A duplicate option was sent in the same poll

A poll option used invalid data (the data may be too long)

The poll question is invalid

This layer does not support polls in the invoked method

Cast a vote in the poll before calling this method

The privacy key is invalid

Your privacy exception list has exceeded the maximum capacity

The privacy value is invalid

The query ID is empty

The callback query id is invalid

The query is too short

The correct answers of the quiz are empty

The quiz contains too many correct answers

The correct answers of the quiz are invalid

A quiz can’t have multiple answers

The random ID is empty

The provided random ID is invalid

The random length is invalid

Invalid range provided

The reaction provided is empty

Invalid reaction provided (only valid emoji are allowed)

The call reflector is not available

Reply markup for buy button empty

The provided reply markup for the game is empty

The provided reply markup is invalid


The reply markup is too long

The result contains too many items

The result contains items with duplicated identifiers

Result ID empty

The given result cannot be used to send the selection to the bot

The result type is invalid

You cannot change your vote

Internal RSA decryption failed

Bots are not allowed to schedule messages

Invalid schedule date provided

The date you tried to schedule is too far in the future (more than one year)

You cannot schedule a message until the person comes online if their privacy does not show this information

You tried to schedule too many messages in this chat

The search query is empty

The seconds interval is invalid

The message media is invalid

The message type is invalid

You can’t do this action because the current session was logged-in recently

Invalid settings were provided

The provided SHA256 hash is invalid

An error occurred when trying to register the short-name used for the sticker pack. Try a different name

Slowmode is enabled, you cannot forward multiple messages to this group

An error occurred while creating the SMS code

Invalid SRP ID provided

The password has changed

The start parameter is empty

The start parameter is invalid

The start parameter is too long

The requested sticker set is invalid

The sticker set is not modified

The sticker provided is empty

Too many stickers in the set

The sticker document is invalid

The sticker emoji is invalid

The sticker file is invalid

The provided sticker id is invalid

The provided sticker is invalid

The sticker png dimensions are invalid

Stickers must be png files but the provided image was not a png

A tgs sticker file was expected, but something else was provided

A png sticker thumbnail file was expected, but something else was provided

A webm video file was expected, but something else was provided

The takeout id is invalid

The method must be invoked inside a takeout session

The temporary auth key provided is empty

Invalid theme file provided

Invalid theme format provided

Invalid theme provided

You cannot create this theme because the mime-type is invalid

The temporary password is disabled

The temporary password is invalid

The provided token is invalid

The provided TTL days is invalid

The media does not support self-destruction

The types parameter is empty

The type constructor is invalid

That date parameter is invalid

The URL provided is invalid

The usage limit is invalid

The username is invalid

The username was not modified because you tried to edit it using the same one

The username is not occupied by anyone

The username is already in use by someone else

You are required to upload a profile picture for this action

Not enough users (to create a chat, for example)

The maximum number of users has been exceeded (to create a chat, for example)

The action requires admin privileges. Probably you tried to edit admin privileges on someone you don’t have rights to

The user is already a participant of this chat

You are limited from sending messages in supergroups/channels, check @SpamBot for details

The user is blocked

Bots in channels can only be administrators, not members.

This method can only be used by a bot

The method can be used by bots only

The user is already in too many channels or supergroups

You can’t leave this channel because you’re its creator

The user id being used is invalid or not known yet. Make sure you meet the user before interacting with it


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